The Friends of The Ridgeway

The Friends of The Ridgeway

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The preservation of the spirit of The Ridgeway in perpetuity.


The Friends of the Ridgeway is a campaigning organisation originally formed in 1983 to protect the Ridgeway from abuse by motorised vehicles.

Today our objectives are the preservation for the benefit of the public of all the natural aspects and features of the ancient Ridgeway track-ways along the chalk downs of Southern England, including the Ridgeway National Trail and any extension of it, with their associated features, monuments and access paths, the provision of recreational facilities and events, and the encouragement of artistic and creative activity inspired by The Ridgeway. This can be summarised as ‘preserving the spirit of the Ridgeway’ not just as a walking route but as an artistic inspiration, a historic monument, and an environmental corridor.

As part of our ongoing objectives we have established the annual Swire Arts Prize, to promote the artistic inspiration of the Ridgeway, and are presently establishing the Great Chalk Way which links Lyme Regis in Dorset to Hunstanton in Norfolk along the ancient ridgeway route.  Additionally we have raised funding for projects including the Oxford Plant Sciences Department Project.  

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