Friends of the New Forest - New Forest Association

Friends of the New Forest - New Forest Association

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The Friends of the New Forest - New Forest Association has been the independent voice of the New Forest since 1867, making it the second oldest conservation organisation in the world. For over 140 years our guiding purpose has been to protect, conserve and enhance the flora, fauna and heritage of the New Forest, and all that makes it unique.

The Friends have helped shape the way the Forest is run today, starting with the sponsorship of the 1877 New Forest Act, and being involved in all subsequent New Forest related legislation and policy making. It is the only membership based association in the New Forest that gives its members an effective voice on a wide range of New Forest issues. It is a full member of the Campaign for National Parks, and is accepted as the independent National Park Society for the New Forest.


Supports the exercise of common rights as the most efficient and cost‐effective means of maintaining the special qualities of the landscape of the unenclosed Forest.

Supports policies and initiatives which will protect the intrinsic character and special qualities of New Forest landscape embracing its diverse habitats.

Encourages policies and practices for forestry, habitat protection and restoration and commoning.

Supports a strategic approach to managing recreation in the Forest.

Supports the protective policies of the local planning authorities, and small‐scale development that assists the rural economy or sustains the exercise of common rights within the Forest.

Supports reducing the impact of road traffic on the tranquillity and environmental quality of the Forest through traffic and demand management, road design and landscaping.

Promotes understanding and appreciation of the New Forest through our leaflets and other publications and by our presence at local shows in and around the Forest. Also initiates and collaborates with others to carry out research or surveys to increase understanding about changes to the Forest and the impacts of various activities upon it.

Supports the appropriate management of the Forest by, and funding of, the various responsible bodies.

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