Friends of Marlpit Lane Bowling Green

Friends of Marlpit Lane Bowling Green

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We have three main goals: To restore and repair the Marlpit Lane Bowling Green and rebuild it as a centre for the community. To improve the park for all visitors, and to encourage the take up of sport.

The local community benefits as the green is no longer derelict. As a sport which children can play alongside their parents, we are increasing the number of sports players in the area. We are hoping to set up community clubs, including a children's and seniors club to encourage play.


We maintain the bowling green ourselves, raise issues with the council and apply for bids to improve the park. We have already restored the bowling green, repaired the derelict pavilion and this year we have managed to arrange three park benches, giving visitors a place to sit.

We open the green for play every day, and provide free taster sessions and coaching.

This year's program will involve setting up clubs and building links with other charities including age concern

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