Freshefied CIC

Freshefied CIC

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  • Black, asian and minority ethnic groups
  • Education
  • Refugees / migrants

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Organisation type: 
Social enterprise
Geographical remit: 
National - Scotland


At Freshefied, our commitment is to empower young Black individuals through mentorship, resource provision, and open conversations. We aim to cultivate an engaging resource-rich platform, enabling personal development and to help individuals maximise their full potential.

We envision a community where every young Black individual has access to the necessary tools and support they need to excel academically, socially, and emotionally. Our goal is to foster a united, informed, and supportive environment where every Black student feels heard, represented, and supported.

Growth is important to us. And as a community-centric platform, our core values centre around fostering belongingness and compassion, encouraging young Black individuals to strive for their best. Authenticity, relatability, and genuineness guide all our interactions.


Freshefied employs a multi-faceted approach to achieve its objectives, addressing the educational and empowerment needs of young Black individuals in Scotland. This approach encompasses engaging discussions that delve into university life, personal growth, and unspoken community topics. Additionally, the platform focuses on providing access to various scholarship opportunities tailored specifically for young Black students, curating an extensive library of resources encompassing academic materials, local businesses, and brands within Scotland, and organizing a Freshers Festival tailored for Black heritage university students in Scotland.

Each facet of Freshefied contributes uniquely to our mission and goals. The diverse offerings cater to various needs, ranging from informational resources to cultural celebrations, networking opportunities, and skill-building initiatives. This collective approach creates a holistic platform for growth and support within the community.

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