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Jann Turner started French's Care Haven because of the overwhelming cases of neglect, abandonment, and throw away mentality of today’s society. Unwanted and abused or neglected horses were starting to make their way to French’s Equine Rehabilitation Centre and so it was soon realised that a separate base for French’s rescued horses was needed and the named French’s Care Haven came about, which become a charitable organization. The Care Haven would be totally focused on becoming a rescue centre and safe home for these unfortunate horses and donkeys and any other animal found in need of rescue.
The Haven is run with dedication and the principle of maintaining a professional and personal establishment, which allows each animal to be cared for as an individual and given all the love and attention they deserve and should have received by their previous owners.

 French’s website is filled with photos that show positive final outcomes of how our rescued animals look now, happy, in good condition and healthy. Quite a few of our animals are elderly and some have health conditions, which were due to previous neglect, with this in mind their photos now show just how beautiful each horse or donkey can look when it is content and well looked after.

 Jann says “I want people to see how well the animals are now after receiving proper food, individual daily management, love and good care, as I think it is nice for our charity to show the pictures now of their good condition and happiness as our end result. Sadly we get to see photos of abused and neglected animals too often, as we all know animal abuse is increasing at an alarming rate”

Helping animals - Helping people: We offer Animal Assisted Therapy. Our therapeutic methods provide health, educational and social care services for small groups or individuals. People who attend French's come from a variety of backgrounds. Some may need support to help them overcome mental health problems; some may have learning or physical disabilities; others may have anxiety or confidence issues. Whatever their needs, all will benefit from the care and structure we provide.

People who donate, raise funds, or sponsor a horse/donkey are needed, because without your help and support we would struggle to keep this charity going, so a big Thank You to those who are already on board with French’s and a big Thank You to those who wish to donate and join us now”


We have our daily routine where we take care of the animals and we are also doing different fundraising throughout the year to raise money to be able to care of the animals. 

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