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The Foundation was established in 2014 by the late Dr Simon Norton, a world-class mathematician and renowned transport campaigner. Simon’s vision was a world where humans have a right to get around without a car and where people can travel with minimum impact on other people’s lives and the environment. In pursuit of these aims, the Foundation provides grants and fellowships and promotes solutions that overcome barriers to getting around, which might be provided through volunteering, social enterprise and other means.

FIT is one of the few grant-making trusts devoted entirely to promoting change on transport issues in the UK. Its strategic priorities are:

  • Supporting initiatives that change public attitudes to the car
  • Transforming the quality of bus services in the UK
  • Increasing sustainable travel to leisure destinations
  • Availability of public transport as a human right
  • Making new and existing developments public transport friendly
  • Supporting grassroots community action for sustainable transport and not road building
  • Better inter-regional transport coaches and integrating longer distance modes of transport
  • Helping organisations active on environmental, health and social issues to adopt transport as a priority.


To help achieve these aims, FIT offers four types of funding:

  1. Grants: between £5,000 and £30,000 for projects that promote and deliver transport as a basic right and tackle climate change
  2. Small grants: maximum £2,000 to support the running costs of local campaigns and grassroots groups or networks
  3. Fellowships: to develop the skills and experience of remarkable transport activists and researchers who are contributing to integrated transport
  4. Social Investment Fund: a fund which makes loans, repayable grants and equity investments in selected projects and innovations.

FIT’s 2023 funding focus is projects which focus on traffic reduction, with a particular emphasis on road-user charging.

The trust has assets of approximately £6 million, to be spent over 10 years on grants, small grants for volunteer organisations, fellowships and social investments. FIT’s two current areas of interest, which inform its decisions, are transport as a basic human right and climate change.

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