Forest Recycling Project

Forest Recycling Project

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FRP’s  vision is of a world in which everyone is able to live sustainably through being knowledgeable and enthusiastic about caring for the environment.

Our mission is to promote low-cost, sustainable living through reusing and recycling goods and possessions. Our activities and services help people find practical, accessible, inclusive, and realistic ways of pursuing this goal, thereby encouraging self-sufficiency and minimising waste.

Our beneficiaries fall into three broad categories:

•    People on low incomes who use our services in order to help meet everyday living needs
•    Volunteers who, in helping us to deliver our services, benefit through the work experience they gain - from the perspective of their future employability as well as in terms of their overall well-being and self-perception
•    The wider community who support FRP’s reuse and recycling goals, and/or discover those goals and increase their knowledge and understanding about reuse and recycling through engaging with us


FRP delivers the following activities:

•    The Paint Place – one mof the largest members of the Community Repaint network of paint recycling enterprises. Over 70,000 litres of paint were collected during the 2014-15 business year, with more than 40,000 litres distributed through retail sales and giveaways 
•    Green Office –  a service offering collection and disposal of waste paper (including confidential waste), and selling of recycled paper
•    Reclaimed scaffold boards – collection and direct sale of reclaimed scaffold boards to members of the public, and small-scale manufacture and resale of furniture using reclaimed wood products 
•    Community engagement, activity, including 'Give or Take' events encouraging re-use at a hyper-local level, and partnership projects such as pop-up 'freeshops'

Volunteers are a core element of FRP's business, and we engage more than 80 each year, many of whom directly benefit from their involvement with FRP by gaining employment, starting micro-enterprises,  and other gains in overall well-being.

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