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FordHaven, based in Glastonbury is a hub for children in the Mendips and across Somerset. 

It is the creation of Roxie and Paul Ford. Our nurturing environment welcomes ALL children who require time and space in a setting created with them in mind. 

We help separated children & families to re-establish, repair and maintain bonds by providing a safe space to spend quality time together whilst also providing a space for those who are home-educated, struggling within school or are unable to attend school at this time. 


We are committed to supporting young people in becoming the best versions of themselves. 

FordHaven seeks to enable children and young people to build positive relationships. We achieve this through a variety of planned activity sessions where the children & young people are at the heart of what we do.  We believe all children and young people have the potential to succeed in relationships when supported correctly. We believe that they can adapt to new environments, learn to develop positive relationships, and socialise in a socially acceptable way. We are committed to supporting young people in becoming the best versions of themselves.


FordHaven have offered activity sessions for Home Educated families at Paddington Farm since December 2023. These sessions cater for all abilities enabling children and young people an opportunity to do arts & crafts, play games and socialise in a safe space.

Our Family/Sibling Sessions are a continuing success and a great source of comfort to the familes knowing that FordHaven was created with them in mind. 

We are currently putting together a package for School Support Sessions where we will be supporting children who are struggling in education by offering them activity sessions at FordHaven. This will enable them to access a less structured day where they are able to explore, learn and take part in activities that are set up for them to achieve and succeed at their own pace.

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