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fly2help is an aviation charity that inspires change through the wonder of flight. Our vision is for everyone to be able to access the positive benefits of aviation. Our two programmes are Air Smiles Days and Aim High. Air Smiles Days are air experience days, centred around a short flight in a light aircraft, for people living with life trauma such as illness, disability, bereavement, isolation and abuse. These exciting days bring joy and laughter, offer respite and create magical memories for people who need a life boost. Our Aim High programme encourages young people towards a career in aviation.
We provide a conduit through which those who understand the amazing potential that aviation offers can change lives. For some families, medical advances can't come soon enough, but our days give them new, happy memories, and put smiles on the faces of those who don't have much to smile about. Through our Air Smiles Days, we help a very broad range of beneficiaries: adults and children; families and groups; and those living with chronic or terminal illness, disability, bereavement, abuse/neglect or financial or social isolation. Our Aim High Programme works with young people who may be interested in learning more about a career in aviation.


fly2help runs Air Smiles Days at airfields across the country. Three different styles of Air Smiles Days ensure we give a bespoke and special experience to each beneficiary: small, single family events; small group events for school or charity groups; and large corporate-funded events for up to 40 beneficiaries. The activities included in the day are catered to the group, as is the speed and energy of the day. A 25 minute flight at 1500-2000 feet gives the chance for our beneficiaries to leave their troubles on the ground and see the world from a new perspective. While simple, these days are enormously powerful. Volunteer photographers capture the day and beneficiaries are provided with a photo book to relive the memories well into the future.
Our Aim High programme is carried out through a range of different activities, targeted to meet the needs of different groups. Our scholarship programmes are merit-based, and are aimed at young people who are already interested in aerospace as a career, and are ready for an intensive experience learning more. We also offer Taster Days for young people who have not had the opportunity to be exposed to a career in aviation. This programme offers young people the information and inspiration they need to learn about opportunities in this exciting sector.

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