Fledglings Family Services

Fledglings Family Services

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  • Children / families
  • Learning disabilities / difficulties
  • Mental health
  • Physical disabilities

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National - Britain


Fledglings Family Services was established to give help to disabled children, their families and carers. We assist those caring for a disabled child to access the information and products they need to allow their child to achieve his or her potential and to meet the challenges encountered as a result of the disability. We also provide information and products to make caring for the child easier and more practical. 

We respond to requests for help from families caring for a child with any disability or special need. We provide relevant information, and source and supply products to meet their specific needs. We have a national telephone and email helpline, and supply information via a monthly e-Newsletter, a product brochure, leaflets and a website. On occasion Fledglings also visits special schools and other venues to meet parents and carers face-to-face, and to demonstrate some of the helpful products we have discovered.

Our help matters because a parent or carer of a child with disabilities is frequently disadvantaged by comparison with other parent or carers, in that they lack the time, opportunity and energy to discover practical solutions to the needs of their child and to their own needs as carers. A high proportion of families with disabled children are in the lower socio-economic groups (as a consequence of the caring needs) and are often less able to benefit from internet facilities than other families. 


See above section for the major activities that we undertake.

Fledglings has over 20,000 families and carer organisations across the UK on our mailing list, and has been steadily growing since founded in 1997. We receive many accolades from the users of our service.. Our founder and the current chair of trustees was awarded an MBE for services to disabled children as a result of the work of Fledglings.

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