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  • Children / families
  • Education
  • Health and well being / research and care
  • Local / community
  • Mental health
  • Young people

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Fit-tastic is a not-for-profit physiotherapy led organisation that began in 2011 as a result of seeing the impact that social factors were having on the health of the local community. We are passionate about enabling people of all ages and backgrounds to increase control over their own health, living well for longer and being the best that they can be. We are looking to become a CIO soon.


We run a project for under 5's and their families in partnership with schools, to help children develop physically so that they can achieve their potential when they start school, as well as strengthening relationships with their families. We also deliver motor skill interventions in schools, supporting children who may be struggling with motor skills and this is having an impact on their education and life in general. We run a mental health project using physical activity to impact mental health. This supports adults age 18+ in their own home and in community settings. We also deliver physical activity sessions for a number of groups across the community such as adults with learning disabilities. From September 2018 we hope to screen children for Adverse Childhood Experiences and we're really keen on learning more about the impact that these have on people's lives in the short and long term.

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