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Fit 4 Life Hampshire

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Launching only in 2021, Fit 4 Life are a small, Southampton based charity building positive, physical and mental health in secondary school aged pupils, especially for those where traditional intervention may not work for them in the same way it works for other students. Our aim is to get young people fit: mentally and physically and there is a clear link between the two!

​Fit 4 Life run block lessons, working to improve physical wellbeing (Boxing pad-work and resistance training, which help to raise confidence) and mental wellbeing (Interactive, practical lessons with techniques to help the students manage and improve their wellbeing)

"Thank you Fit 4 Life. Your lessons have helped to raise my confidence!" - Year 9 Pupil

"Doing the Fit 4 Life lessons helps me to deal with my negative feelings in a safe space." - Year 9 Pupil

"Fit 4 Life helped me to grow in confidence. I thought I was weak, but this was not correct. They helped to push me, which was good." - Year 11 Pupil

​"Thank you Fit 4 Life for visiting our school and sharing your inspirational talk. The students are buzzing." - The Telford School

​"They have built up positive working relationships with staff and students at Wildern School. Students really do get a lot out of the Fit 4 Life program and we look forward to continuing working with them in the future." - Wildern School

​In such a short time, Fit 4 Life have had a positive impact to many students and are available to support other schools. This work is so needed. 


Inspirational talks

Small group work

1:1 fitness/mental health support

Fitness sessions in school



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