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Upcycling For The Community

Support the local community by running a social enterprise focused on the circular economy and maximising the upcycling of used bikes, granting access to bikes to all.


Protect Our Environment With The Circular Economy

Conserve and protect our natural environment by encouraging the refurbishment of bikes and bike parts. Fostering the circular economy to reduce waste and improve bike longevity.


Reduce Waste In The Cycling Industry & Community Through Upcycling

Reduce the waste created by the bike industry and community by remanufacturing and upcycling bikes. We work closely with Fife Region to measure and report on the landfill reduction benefit and when a bike cannot be remanufactured for safe use, we responsibly segregate and dispose of the steel, aluminium, and rubber.


Promote Self Sufficiency & Upskilling In Fife

Promote and support volunteering and self sufficiency in a safe and stimulating community space where everyone, including vulnerable adults and older people, can enjoy the physical and mental benefits of the workshop.


Support Local Charities & Organisations In Their Missions

Support local charities & organisations by donating bikes and services for the families they work with, encouraging them to enjoy the benefits of cycling. We have worked with local schools, refugees and charities throughout the region.


Promote Cycling To The Community

Increase cycle usage and reduce the effects of greenhouse gases by teaching all people of ages and abilities to appreciate the health, transportation and fun benefits of cycling. We do this through affordable maintenance, bike sales and workshops.


Improve Physical & Mental Health In Fife

Cycling has shown proven benefits to the physical and mental health of individuals. By improving fitness and releasing endorphins, regular cycling can be a great boost to individuals within the community. We promote physical fitness, health as well as mental and emotional well being in the community by encouraging and making cycling accessible to everyone.


We offer a wide variety of bikes suitable for men, women and children, if there is not one built up that suits you we are always in the process of refurbishing more so just let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll show you what we can do. 

The majority of our bikes are offered on a pay what you can afford model. That means there is no set price and no one will be left without a bike if they want one. Sometimes someone is generous enough to donate a premium model. We price these bikes competitively based on current second hand values and refurbish them to the highest standard. This let’s us keep the majority of stock on a pay what you can afford model. 

By getting your bike with us you are also helping to reduce waste within the bike industry and within the community. So any bike you get from us is truly green.

Whether you need emergency repairs or just routine maintenance our team is ready to help you out. Our mechanics are fully equipped to run a service and make any recommendations on further repairs. We’ll make sure to discuss everything with you so that you know you’re happy with the price.

To keep everything affordable we operate our Repair Relief which entitles anyone to £30 worth of labour on a repair or service. All you need to do is opt in, there’s no special checks or forms to fill out. That’s a discount equivalent to our basic service which will check and adjusting brakes and gears as well as checking and inflating your tyres. Keeping your bike in good nick is a lot easier with our Repair Relief.

Ensuring that everyone has access to affordable bike maintenance and emergency repairs is important to us and our goals. No one is out on their bike if they can’t ride it after all. So if your bike is looking worse for wear these days check out our list of bike services here. 

Remember it’s always easier to prevent problems than fix them so regular maintenance and checks are an important aspect of bike health.

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