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Fife Employment Access Trust (FEAT) is a mental health charity based in Glenrothes, Fife, established in 1994. Our mission is to enable and support individuals to reach their full positive mental well-being in a culture where there is no stigma.

We provide a range of programmes to support people with mental health issues self-manage their conditions and develop employability skills, to help them access employment or other activities such as further education and volunteering.

The people we work with often struggle to engage with services and can be far removed from meaningful occupation. We aim to build resilience, foster hope and encourage self-belief by connecting with them, exploring their values, developing their self-awareness and teaching coping strategies. We will give people tools to self-manage their mental health condition, for the rest of their lives and work with young people (aged 15-18) and adults (18+)

We support around 500 people per year and in 2017 were named Runners-up in the GlaxoSmithKline Impact Awards.



We have created a range of provision to cater for the complex needs of our client group - for those who have been ignored from employability support, often for many years, or have a series of failures from past learning/training/employment history, we have developed a partnership programme with NHS Fife Occupational Therapists and Psychologists to build capacity for beneficiaries to self-manage conditions, reduce hospital admission and re-lapses, reduce the cost and demand for psychology, psychiatry, mental health, occupational therapy, GP appointments and ultimately engage in jobseeking services. For those with enduring health conditions who want to work, or graduate from other provision we offer, we have formed an Individual Placement & Support Service with partner organisations to provide this evidenced-based jobs-first programme - placing people into appropriate employment first and secondly sustaining the employment through ongoing support to the individual and their employer. Participants remain "a patient" of the NHS within this partnership, therefore if they do relapse they can rapidly be seen by a clinician, avoiding time off work whilst on waiting lists for support. Running through both of these provisions is the innovative use of cognitive remediation therapy (CRT). Cognitive dysfunction is a core feature of enduring mental health conditions. 70% of people with schizophrenia have cognitive deficits and this is cited as the symptom which makes engaging in everyday life the most difficult. Deficits are moderate to severe across several domains, including attention, working memory, verbal learning and memory, and executive functions. These deficits often appear before the onset of psychosis and are stable throughout the course of the illness in most patients. Cognitive deficits often do not improve with medication, even after the other symptoms have abated. Recent treatment studies suggest that cognitive deficits can however be remediated. CRT helps beneficiaries to improve cognitive functioning & therefore be better at engaging in life, activities and enables them to utilise self-management principles. CRT gets to the route of the problem, enabling beneficiaries to begin to self-manage and is proven to be most effective when embedded within a vocational programme which we have implemented ahead of all others in the UK and most of the world.

We are also a partner in the Fife Employment & Training Consortium supporting people with moderate mental health conditions to access work and as part of this role we provide participants with cognitive behavioural therapy, personal development and employability training as well as mindfulness. 

We also provide mindfulness provision to schools in Fife through the "Our Minds Matter" programme.

In addition, we have created a subsidiary company which is working with Fife Council to regenerate a public park in Leven with a view of creating a variety of commercial and community activities.  These include camping/glamping and a programme of events, combined with a range of volunteering opportunities to help manage 27 acres of woodland and gardens.  Further information available at

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