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  • Lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender

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National - Britain


We are a national voluntary organisation and charity dedicated to supporting families and their LGBT+ loved ones. As parents we want our children to grow up feeling safe, loved and secure in the knowledge that they have a place in society. Our trans children deserve to grow up knowing that they enjoy those same rights, respect and protections, not just amongst family and friends, but as they make their way in the world.



“To support families with LGBT+ members”

  • To be the national umbrella organisation for affiliated groups supporting families with LGBT+ members.
  • To support and develop a network of local family support groups.
  • To provide direct individual support where local family support groups are not involved.
  • To educate and advocate for a world in line with our vision.
  • To work with other organisations to achieve our vision.
  • To ensure that we have the necessary resources to achieve our mission.

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