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FASS works to improve the quality of life of people in Fife. In particular, we work with people adversely affected, through complex trauma and poor mental health, by alcohol, drugs and addictions. In addition we are using our skill set to help combat issues, such as loneliness, which contribute to these problems.

FASS has served the people of Fife since 1977. Throughout its 39 years the charity has provided an alcohol counselling service. In 2015 Fife Community Drug Service merged with FASS and FASS broadened its objects. The merged charity’s main activities are comprehensive assessment services, counselling and psychotherapy, and community recovery support. During its lifetime more than 20,000 people have used the FASS counselling service.

Our Curnie Clubs, targeting isolation due to issues such as addiction or domestic abuse, will begin in September 2016. They will provide peer support in a social setting and link members back into their local communities.

FASS also provides training to frontline workers in statutory and third sector organisations throughout Fife.

What our service users say:

"I was frightened but felt at ease quickly."

“This service has probably saved my life." 





FASS is an equitable, accessible, quality and cost-effective Fife-wide service. We provide information and early interventions; psycho-social and psychotherapy solutions; and recovery support for individuals and families. To do this effectively, we maintain good working relationships with many relevant organisations.

FASS was early in recognising the complex nature of alcohol-related problems. It has worked on associated causes and consequences for the individual, the family and the community for many years. The organisation treats the underlying issues of personal mental health, trauma and relationship difficulties that almost always underpin problem drinking.

Early intervention is emphasised in service delivery. Our work is client centred and towards attainment of personal goals. The approach helps clients identify and use personal strengths within a therapeutic environment that is non-judgemental, empathic and supportive.

Early intervention and support for counselling is promoted through a range of education and self-help resources. These are delivered in several languages on the FASS website. Each year, more than 5,000 individuals access and download self-help materials from the site. In recent years over 24,000 self-help booklets/leaflets have been downloaded.

FASS also focuses resources on development of staff and volunteers. Most of the 25 counsellors, both paid and volunteers, have developed to achieve post-graduate diplomas in counselling.

FASS services are available in more than 30 Health Centres, Clinics and Hospitals throughout Fife. In addition, the charity works from community counselling centres and recovery clinics in many towns. These include Kirkcaldy, Dunfermline, St Andrews and Glenrothes. A home visiting service is also available.

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