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Fashion for Future

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Society, cooperative or credit union
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Our clothing exchange shop helps individuals and families who are looking for affordable clothing options while also prioritising sustainability and reducing waste. Our beneficiaries include individuals and families from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, including those who may not have the financial resources to purchase new clothing or are concerned about the environmental impact of fast fashion. Our shop offers a variety of clothing items that have been donated by members of the community, which are then sorted and organised by our volunteers. Through our services, we provide a space for individuals to exchange clothing items in good condition, offering a more sustainable and budget-friendly option for those in need. Additionally, our workshops offer education on sustainable fashion and upcycling techniques, empowering individuals to reduce their environmental impact while also expressing their personal style. By promoting sustainability and reducing waste, our clothing exchange shop has a positive impact on both the environment and the community, providing affordable and sustainable clothing options for those in need.


As a clothing exchange shop that also showcases local sustainable designers, our organization has several strategies in place to meet its objectives. Firstly, we encourage people to bring in their gently-used clothing and accessories to exchange for points, which can then be used to "purchase" other items in the store. This promotes sustainable fashion practices by reducing the amount of clothing that ends up in landfills and encouraging people to reuse and recycle their clothing.

Secondly, we partner with local sustainable designers to showcase their work in our store. This not only supports local businesses but also promotes sustainable fashion practices by highlighting environmentally-friendly and ethically-made clothing.

Additionally, we offer workshops on various topics related to sustainable fashion, such as upcycling and eco-dyeing. These workshops provide education and practical skills for people to incorporate sustainable fashion practices into their everyday lives.

Through these strategies, our organization promotes sustainable fashion practices and supports local businesses, ultimately contributing to a more environmentally and socially conscious community.

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