The Family Haven

The Family Haven

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  • Children / families
  • Counselling / advice
  • Poverty relief
  • Women

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The Family Haven’s mission is to help and support vulnerable families with pre-school children in Gloucestershire, particularly the hard-to-reach and those living in unsuitable accommodation. To achieve this we will provide a warm and caring environment where both assistance and encouragement are available to enable parents and children to flourish. We aim:

  • To empower families to take a greater responsibility for their own well-being.
  • To broaden life experiences.
  • To improve health, including mental health and self-worth of parents and children.
  • To improve opportunities for pre-school children.
  • To encourage development of new skills for parents and children.
  • To encourage mutual support amongst the families.
  • To improve parenting skills.
  • To enable parents and children to maintain a nutritious diet.


Activities in relation to Aims and Objectives


1              Empowerment of families

1.1          Inform clients of their rights, giving advice on benefits, housing, budgeting etc.  and refer  to other agencies as appropriate.

1.2          Provide a friendly environment for parents to mix socially and support each other.

1.3          Listen actively using counselling skills and refer to other agencies as appropriate.

1.4          Build confidence and self-esteem.

1.5          Carry out advocacy work when appropriate.

1.6          Assist vulnerable and hard-to-reach families who do not attend the day centre, e.g. those at Gloucester Prison Visitors’ Centre, asylum seekers and refugees.


2.            Broaden life experiences

2.1          Arrange trips and outings for parents and children.

2.2          Provide alternative therapy sessions.

2.3          Hold parties to celebrate religious/cultural festivals etc.


3.            Improve health

3.1          Provide respite for parents and children within a safe environment

3.2          Offer crèche facilities to enable parents to access other services.

3.3          Build up confidence and self-esteem by providing counselling.

3.4          Liaise with Community Psychiatric Nurses, Health Visitors, Social Workers etc. regarding specific cases.

3.5          Run information sessions on various health issues.

3.6          Promote hygiene by providing bathroom and laundry facilities.


4.            Opportunities for pre-school children

4.1          Provide a warm, safe and friendly nursery for pre-school children.

4.2          Develop pre-school skills e.g. colours, numbers, hand eye co-ordination, gross and fine motor skills etc.

4.3          Provide appropriate boundaries within which children can express themselves without fear.

4.4          Provide play opportunities and facilities to encourage physical development.

4.5          Adopt a firm but fair approach to discipline in a secure, constant and loving manner.

4.6          Help children learn to play in the space provided, interacting with their peers and  encouraging their social development

4.7          Promote independence by developing the children’s confidence, encouraging the use  of self-help skills.


5              New skills

5.1          Inform clients of available training opportunities.

5.2          Provide art/craft workshops.

5.3          Provide information sessions.

5.4          Teach pre-school skills (physical, intellectual, emotional, social and language).

5.5          Provide classes in the preparation of healthy meals

5.6          Make clients aware of volunteering opportunities


6              Mutual support

6.1          Provide a warm friendly environment for parents to meet.

6.2          Encourage “buddying”.

6.3          Facilitate a client forum where experience can be shared


7              Parenting

7.1          Hold parenting classes and information sessions.

7.2          Encourage parents to interact well with their children.

7.3          Stress the importance of pre-school education.

7.4          Help clients find appropriate playgroups, pre-schools and schools.


8              Nutrition

8.1          Provide a hot midday meal and healthy snacks.

8.2          Run healthy eating workshops.

8.3          Advise on nutrition and healthy eating on a budget.

8.4          Give out food when necessary.

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