Fal Fishery Cooperative CIC

Fal Fishery Cooperative CIC

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The last wild native oyster population is part of the remaining 5% in UK and 15% worldwide. The fleet are probably the last sailing fishing fleet in the modern world. Beneficiaries are not just the oyster gatherers, but also the habitat and the native oyster as well as the community of stakeholders including: environmental management groups, merchants/processors, scientific researchers, students, fishery management authorities, marine networks, boatbuilders, sailmakers etc


Our SavingESTER Native Oyster Hatchery Crowdfunder campaign has raised more than double its initial target with over £17,500 so far... we have also set up an Aquaculture Research Site... all since March 2019

Current opportunities

Fal Fishery Cooperative CIC was created to preserve and protect the native Fal Oyster along with the unique heritage of traditional methods used...