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Eye Eye World is a charity that has been set up with the main vision to create a new culture in the world we live in; understanding that we all have a mental health, just like a physical health.

To achieve this new culture we believe brand awareness is key. Our brains are visual organs and images are the easiest thing for us to remember and triggers our minds. The logo of Eye Eye World is powerful, with the message to keep an eye on your mental health and others around you.

The charity takes a modern approach on its fundraising and daily activities, and to a certain extent has business like strategies. This is because the trustees come from a corporate background and we want to incorporate our key skills and business manner to grow the charity. Brands have a massive impact on our society and we really want to become the recognised charity for mental health awareness.

The fundamentals of the charity are important and we want to educate people on how to improve their mental health, so it reduces the chances of ill health and improved quality of life. We will be offering guidance and resource on how to boost your mental health and where to go for support for those in need.


We will be raising a solid understanding of our brand through numerous social media platforms included crowdfunding, instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, our website and other avenues 

Eye Eye World will be looking to partner with numerous SME’s & large brands to raise our awareness to gather momentum quicker to reach a bigger target audience, will also be working along the NHS

We will also be working with volunteers on fundraising activities, arranging many social gatherings to help people find the correct information on support that’s available through the NHS, private assistance & other charities. 

We will also be holding numerous fundraising events around the country to bring in donations to raise the profile of Eye Eye World to be the recognised symbol & brand of Mental Health 

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