Experts by Experience Employment Initiative

Experts by Experience Employment Initiative

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  • Refugees / migrants
  • Training / employment support

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Organisation type: 
Social enterprise
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National - Britain


EBE-Employment is an initiative to promote equitable recruitment of experts by experience. We believe that people with lived experience of the UK immigration and asylum system have the best insights to lead conversations, service design, campaigns, policy initiatives, and the charitable sector should work more ‘with’ people and less ‘for’ and ‘to’ people who are refugees and migrants. Providing practical employment support and involving people with lived experience in the workforce is an essential step to achieving this goal.

This initiative works to establish a movement of charitable organisations, salaried staff, volunteers and experts by experience in the UK migrant and refugee sector who together create pathways to lived experience leadership.


Our activities are:

  1. to establish a network of organisations in the migration and asylum sector that work collaboratively to support experts by experience in their job applications to the organisations that are members of this network. We ask member organisations in this network to commit to follow good practice in inclusive employment when they advertise and recruit for their paid roles. 
  2. to mobilise volunteer mentors who provide support for experts by experience in their job applications. We welcome staff from member organisations and other experienced individuals in the sector to volunteer their time and expertise 
  3. to work meaningfully with experts by experience applicants to fine-tune our guidance, good practice tips and advice for organisations and experts by experience

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