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We put the performing arts at the heart of the creative and cultural life of Exeter and the surrounding region: providing opportunities for people to engage with the work of extraordinary artists and companies; shaping opportunities for people to develop their own creative practice; and creating opportunities for people to make connections and effect change in their lives and within their communities through an engagement with the arts.




Our vision is of the Northcott as a vibrant, welcoming artistic hub at the heart of the cultural life of Exeter and the South West; a place where diverse communities are gathering to experience exceptional live performance; a place where children & young people are discovering the transformative power of the performing arts; and a place where anyone, regardless of their circumstances, can get involved in the life of their local theatre and begin to realise their own creative potential.


Our vision is of the Northcott as a strategically important part of the wider creative and cultural sector; a centre for collaboration between artists and academics; a pipeline for regional creative and technical talent; and a producer of middle-scale touring theatre, with a particular focus on drama, work for children & families and new voices from the South West.




Over the next three years we’re going to be focusing on:


Reaching bigger & more diverse audiences/participants

Delivering a quality, popular, diverse creative programme that speaks to those audiences/participants

Transforming our spaces and facilities to meet the needs of artists/audiences/participants

Delivering a resilient & sustainable business model           

Positioning the Northcott within the regional/national arts & culture debate

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