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EveryYouth is a small UK-wide charity that has a big impact. We are solution focussed and have an unwavering commitment to helping young people overcome homelessness. We know young people need more than a roof to achieve social mobility and build a positive future.

In 2014 we created a movement of leading frontline charities who wanted to collaborate to end youth homelessness. In 2023 this movement became EveryYouth, a charity that helps the most disadvantaged young people get on with their lives. 

We are relentlessly positive about what every young person can achieve, and we think you should be too. 


1 million young people live in poverty and 129,000 young people faced homelessness in 2022. Young people find themselves in this position through no fault of their own, and often lack the support and opportunities they need to define their own futures.

EveryYouth harnesses the power of local knowledge, experience, and networks to make national change. Core to this change is a shared understanding that the most disadvantaged and marginalised young people need holistic support to overcome disrupted childhood’s.

All our beneficiaries qualify for support because they are ‘unhoused’, but we know that they need more than just housing to build a better life for themselves.

Housing Fund -

We provide young people with bursary and bond schemes that help them overcome the prohibitive upfront costs of securing a tenancy, and supply the basics that make a house a home.

Employability Fund -

Our Employability Fund provides young people with specialist coaches to help them become job-ready. Whatever their stage on the journey to employability – whether learning to read and write or preparing for an interview – our objective is to help them take meaningful steps towards long-term employment, so they can live independent, happy lives.

An Employability Bursary underpins the Employability Fund. The Bursary helps young people overcome the costs associated with getting into work and education.

Health Fund -

The Health Fund provides young people with individually tailored counselling support to help them manage their mental health. This helps young people to cope with traumas, to engage better with the services available and to improve their emotional wellbeing and resilience.

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