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  • Black, asian and minority ethnic groups

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Every Future Foundation is an established anti-racism youth charity dedicated to challenging institutional racism and prejudices by educating the next generation and equipping them with the skills to be catalysts for change.

Our primary focus is to deliver impactful anti-racism workshops in schools and provide intensive training for educators. Additionally, through our Activism Academy Programme, we aim to mentor and train young leaders to be staunch advocates against systemic and institutional racism.


Every Future Foundation (previously known as Breakfast Clubs Against Racism) is a grassroots organisation delivering effective anti-racism interventions to young people. We target London Boroughs experiencing high rates of racist and Islamophobic hate crimes. To bring about permanent racial equity, we believe we must create a new generation of leaders that can lead us to change. To achieve this, we deliver three core services:

  • Our Student Programme; Benchmarked against Ofsted and ISI personal development guidelines. We conduct anti-racism interventions in schools and communities for all ethnicities to increase young people’s understanding of racism and racial empathy and combat fear of differences. We also educate young people on how to identify and respond to racism in order to create an anti-racist world.
  • CPD-approved Teacher Training; provides teachers with the racial literacy, language, skills and resources to challenge racism and intolerance among their students;
  • Activism Academy; an out-of-school programme for young people, aimed at inspiring a generation of young leaders by teaching them about leadership and activism.

We have worked with over 5,000 young people across over 50 schools to date. Recent monitoring found that, as a result of our interventions: 97% of students had an increased understanding of racism, racial equity, and awareness of the effects of racism on others, and 74% of students wanted to educate others on anti-racism and take steps towards racial equality as a result of our interventions.

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