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Every Casualty Counts works with casualty recording organisations around the world to ensure all victims of armed conflict are accurately identified and documented.

Comprehensive, accurate casualty records are enormously valuable to survivors and post-conflict communities. They provide evidence for war crimes prosecutions, tackle disinformation and genocide denial, enable survivors to access compensation, influence military tactics to reduce civilian harm, and support peacebuilding processes.

Every Casualty Counts provides technical advice and practical support to casualty recording organisations worldwide. We help them document as many victims as possible, as accurately as possible. We also help them use their research to advocate for the rights of survivors and change international law. We are regularly consulted by the United Nations, national governments, news media and academics for insight on casualty recording issues. 


We support casualty recording organisations individually and through the global Casualty Recorders Network we convene. We also conduct research with academics and think tanks, and work with diplomats to influence United Nations resolutions relating to casualties.

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