Evelyn Oldfield Unit

Evelyn Oldfield Unit

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  • Black, asian and minority ethnic groups
  • Education
  • Health and well being / research and care
  • Refugees / migrants
  • Training / employment support

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Geographical remit: 
National - England


The Evelyn Oldfield Unit is a registered charity which seeks to empower migrant and refugee organisations and individuals through both capacity-building and frontline services. Our current work includes:

  1. Research for Action and Influence: an accredited course training representatives from migrant organisations in the tools necessary to conduct and write up research on a pressing issue in their community. The aim is to produce research that can influence policy.
  2. VCS Assist: provides training for migrant organisations to assist them in successful applications to the European Social Fund
  3. Pro-Bono: provides free legal advice from trained professionals in four different areas of law: Family, Criminal, Immigration, Landlord and Tenant
  4. e3: provides free ESOL classes and community outings to adults who have lived in the UK for some time but struggle with speaking English
  5. Enhance: a capacity-building project which provides free desk space to migrant organisations

Through our frontline services, individuals gain the confidence to navigate complex UK bureaucracy and participate in social and civic life. Through our capacity-building services, organisations gain skills and visibility, ultimately placing the needs of migrants and refugees more firmly on the political and social agenda.


The Evelyn Oldfield Unit provides training and workshops both in-house and at external venues. Examples include:

  • regular ESOL classes
  • training in financial management
  • an event examining the role gender plays in the asylum process

In addition, we are a quality organisation, accredited by PQASSO at level 2. This means that we regularly update our systems and process to ensure that all staff, volunteers and service users benefit from, and contribute to, the charity and its aims.

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