European School of Osteopathy

European School of Osteopathy

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National - England


The European School of Osteopathy (The ESO) is recognised globally as a leading osteopathic institution, graduating forward thinking and high quality osteopaths from the UK and all over the world.

  • Develop within the individuals and the faculty at large, a willingness to confront accepted but unproven tenets of osteopathy and encouraging an analytical approach to teaching

  • Provide individuals with knowledge, experience, qualifications and status to pursue necessary and acceptable research, so increasing within the osteopathic community the ability to investigate the scientific bases of empirical findings, thus raising the profile of the profession

  • Achieve excellence in the provision of osteopathic education utilising innovative approaches in the classroom and clinical instruction


  • Our osteopathic teaching reflects a broad spectrum of the subject. Our curriculum is well integrated with practical philosophies of all great osteopaths and progressive structural, cranial and visceral techniques
  • The ESO is committed to providing the highest quality of osteopathic research and we are stakeholders in the National Council for Osteopathic Research (NCOR)
  • The ESO is a Partner College of Buckinghamshire New University which validates our degree programme to ensure that highest academic standards are achieved
  • The school has a strong tradition of forming international links which over the years have broadened and enriched its teaching

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