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E2M is a visionary charity, founded by Jenny Natusch in 2018 to support the often neglected "lost generation" of 11-18 year olds in Lancaster and Morecambe. These young people face a challenging phase of life - too old for the playground, too broke for the café, too young for the pub. E2M is dedicated to helping them escape from social media, loneliness and the pressures of life and school. We believe in the power of real-life connections as an antidote to endless scrolling on social media. Through creative workshops and events led by local artists and businesses, young people explore their talents, passions and interests, forming new friendships and meaningful connections. Our approach has a remarkable impact, transforming these young minds from feeling lost to becoming confident, creative, and engaged members of society. By providing a platform for expression, learning, and growth, we equip them with essential skills and renewed purpose and resilience.


 E2M tackles these challenges head-on by establishing a secure, imaginative, and all-encompassing haven for young individuals in Lancaster & Morecambe. Our innovative workshops and programs are purpose-built to counteract prevalent issues such as mental health concerns, disruptions in education, and excessive screen time dependency. We present captivating analogue opportunities that divert young people from the allure of social media, granting them the opportunity to immerse themselves in enriching creative endeavours and selfless community initiatives. Engaged in these activities, young individuals find themselves in a state of 'flow,' fostering relaxation, reducing anxiety, nurturing connections with themselves and their peers, forging meaningful contributions, cultivating friendships, and instilling a profound sense of purpose and belonging through active participation in community events.

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