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  • Lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender
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We are a new dance/physical theatre company – set up in 2017 by Brazilian dancer/choreographer/filmmaker Vinicius Salles – in the process of registering as a charity, so we haven't yet created official objectives.

We are currently officially a two-person band – Vinicius Salles as artistic director and Charlotte Price as executive director – and we employ dancers/producers/stage hands as necessary. The income mentioned is mainly in the form of grants from ACE and Croydon Council – not yet through ticket or product sales.

But our mission statement is to produce edgy, artistic, message-driven work, activities, events and performances that fuse dance, physical theatre and immersive experience. Our focus is on the promotion of dance activities and participation, through courses and workshops; and we use dance, drama and music to share culture and experience.


Our current production in development is called Tutu Trouble. It is a physical theatre show for children, and performed by adults, with a very positive LGBTQ+ message, and with the aim of shifting perceptions and celebrating acceptance of gender identity for children. The future objective is to take this production on tour, to schools and theatres, with an accompanying picture book – and we are currently with education specialists to ensure this can work within the current curriculum.

We have two other ongoing productions:
- Glitch – a small-scale, tourable two-person production during which audience members are invited to use their phones to interact with the piece, drawing their attention away from the live action
- OX – a large-scale tourable immersive production in development

From an education point of view we also provide courses and workshops for dancers,

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