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  • Community safety / victim support / domestic violence

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Equation’s goal as a charity is for everyone to have equal, healthy relationships, in a society free from domestic abuse, sexual violence and gender inequality. 

1 in 4 women will be abused by a partner, ex or family member at some point in their lives and on average 2 women a week lose their lives because of domestic violence. The vast majority of domestic abuse is experienced by women and perpetrated by men. However, anyone can experience domestic abuse no matter their age, race, sex, gender identity, sexuality, (dis)ability, wealth, or lifestyle. Everyone has the right to equal relationships, free from abuse.  

Working primarily in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire, Equation is a specialist charity with expertise to work with the whole community to reduce the impact of domestic abuse, sexual violence and gender inequality.  We ensure survivors get the most effective support to create space for action by facilitating a co-ordinated approach across the sector and providing practical tools and guidance to support survivors.  We also work to prevent domestic abuse and sexual violence by raising awareness and educating people about equal and healthy relationships.  


Training on all aspects of Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence.

Our largest services are:

Men's Service - supporting male survivors of Domestic Abuse including with helpline facilities

Children & Young People - Equation has designed and delivered early intervention and awareness raising projects in schools since 2002. Our award-winning domestic abuse prevention and healthy relationships education reaches over 7000 children and young people in schools, colleges and community settings across Nottingham/Nottinghamshire each year. 

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Equation - an award-winning charity dedicated to preventing and responding to domestic and sexual abuse.  

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