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  • Black, asian and minority ethnic groups
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Local / community
  • Young people

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National - Britain


Together with our supporters we are building a society in which young people grow up with a sense of social responsibility, a desire to get stuck in and the skills to make a positive difference. Because the skills necessary to be a change-maker are also highly valued by employers, we also enable young people to improve their own career prospects. This means that there is a dual purpose, and consequently double benefit, in everything we do.

Our primary objective is to enable young people to develop five core competencies that we believe are essential as a change-maker and for success in work. These are leadership, empathy, collaboration, communication and problem solving.

We inspire and enable young people to apply these skills to the common good by enhancing their awareness of social and environmental problems within their communities and increasing their belief in their own potential to affect change.

We also enable young people to enhance their employability by building their awareness of the relevance of these competencies in the workplace and enabling them to evidence that they possess them to potential employers.


Firstly we are levelling the playing field for disadvantaged young people by enabling them to develop the confidence, competencies and networks they need to succeed in life and work.

Secondly because we use community challenges to do this, we are also empowering a generation of change-makers with the values and character that equip them to tackle wider problems in society.

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