Entrepreneurship Career Centre (ECC)

Entrepreneurship Career Centre (ECC)

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  • Arts
  • Black, asian and minority ethnic groups
  • Campaigning
  • Counselling / advice
  • Education
  • Financial inclusion
  • International development
  • Local / community
  • Men
  • Poverty relief
  • Refugees / migrants
  • Training / employment support
  • Voluntary sector support
  • Women
  • Young people

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The Entrepreneurship Career Centre (ECC) is a non-partisan non-profit dedicated to entrepreneurship career development research, training, coaching, mentoring, advocacy and education.  ECC enable, showcase, promote and celebrate entrepreneurship career opportunity creation, identification and development in youths, women, adults helping through:


  • Youths, women, unemployed, NEETS, students, graduates, micro small and medium enterprises, partner charities, NGO's and goverment.  

 HOW 1: 1MillionYouth Entrepreneurs Book Donation Project 2017-2016

  • FREE Entrepreneurship & Employability Book Donation, Training and Mentoring     
  • At least 1 Million Beneficiaries in London & Worldwide from October 2017 will have access to a series of free entrepreneurship and employabiliy books up to year 2026.​

HOW 2: contribute and encourage entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship careers through

  • Entrepreneurship career development
  • Research and policy contribution
  • Encouraging youth entrepreneurship
  • Literacy to alleviate poverty
  • Entrepreneurship resource design
  • Curriculum development
  • Vocational training
  • Building capacity through Edtech
  • Entrepreneurship Consultancy 
  • Training, coaching and mentoring, training trainers
  • Human capital and capacity development
  • Supporting widows and orphans vocational training
  • Economic and social development advocacy/empowerment
  • Edutainment and gamification
  • Entrepreneurship career events

WHY: The wealth of nation depends on resourceful humans who develop economies through entrepreneurship. ECC encourages action supporting an entrepreneurial economy. This goal, and alongside the development of empirical and theoretical contributions, provides a great rationale for the ECC who plan to impact the world through positioning entrepreneurship as a viable career and employment choice for millions.

ECC design and implement programs that facilitate entrepreneurial education, the perception, supply of entrepreneurs, ability and the competence needed to sustainably start and operate feasible businesses, raise potentials, and alleviate poverty. Additional to researching and advocating policies that create an enabling environment to accommodate all forms of enterprise to enhance work and wealth creation. ECC aim to enable understanding that the entrepreneurial spirit is not about materialism but building social and economic value that develops humans and nations.


Research, Training, Coaching, Mentoring, Advocacy and Education.

1. Entrepreneurship Research and Policy

ECC contributes to policy research 'to create the right environment and circumstances to ‘motivate’ and stimulate individuals to become entrepreneurs. This includes ‘enabling’ policies both to help them acquire the appropriate skills and learning, and to surround them with opportunity (i.e., access to start-up resources and supports). These three elements, Motivation, Skills and Opportunity, are the basis of Entrepreneurship Policy Foundations and are key to the creation of a more entrepreneurial economy (Stevenson and Lundstrom).

2. Entrepreneurship Career Frameworks

ECC develop implementable multidisciplinary conceptual frameworks, for instance the entrepreneurial lifecycle communicates and enable the dynamics to facilitating the career choice in different world. These frameworks have implications for sustainable entrepreneurship practice and policy, very important for entrepreneurs, scholars, educators, trainers, governments and society.

3. Books, Entrepreneurship & Education (B.E.E)

  • 1MillionYouth Entrepreneurs Book Donation Project 2017-2016
  • Enable entrepreneurship book donations. These entrepreneurship book, gifts, formal & informal creative resources educate, transform lives, build capacity, skills, trade cognition and literacy, alleviate poverty, ensure autonomous and lifelong learning, expand horizons, advance readers and develop dynamism. Dynamic humans develop economies faster than natural resources. Entrepreneurial careers enable social and economic development whcich positively enhances life and societal development.

4. Encourage Youth Entrepreneurship (E.Y.E) Campaign

  • Through advocacy ECC enables entrepreneurial career awareness, coaching, mentoring, training, role-model speaking, school, community and country tours. As career patterns change and white-collar jobs disappear 1 million youths will be equipped to effectively contribute to personal, social and economic development through understanding the dynamics how entrepreneurship can be a feasible career choice for the young. The E.Y.E Campaign is about sustaining momentum to enable young people develop entrepreneurial mind-sets and the capacity to successfully start MSME's and grow viable enterprises.

5. 4ourGEM Widows and Orphans

  • Widows and orphans worldwide but most especially in developing countries constitute societies need a lot of support. ECC assist ease their burden and support independency so they can be fed through entrepreneurship and vocational training, including agricultural or targeted food relief, also working toward facilitating educational scholarships that benefit orphans.

6. Partnerships

ECC to enable London & worldwide entrepreneurial and intrapreneruial careers partner with relevant private, public, charity, bilateral and multilateral organizations.

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