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EnerTech Opportunities CIC

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Not for profit
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EnterTech is a non-profit innovative digital inclusion project working with neurodiverse women, girls and non-binary people in North London to bridge the gap in digital capacity, ensure equitable access to employment opportunities and create an environment where their unique talents can flourish. We offer comprehensive resources and personalised learning experiences for individuals seeking to enhance their tech skills. As a small, neurodiverse collective, we recognise the importance of tailored approaches to training, leveraging digital platforms and adaptive technologies to accommodate diverse learning styles. But we're not just about IT and tech stuff, we prioritise social connection and communication, fostering individual growth and a sense of belonging.The Tech industry has a diversity problem, and EnterTech is trying to change that: a reported 75% of all technical jobs are held by men, and women make up just 14% of the total software engineering workforce. Moreover, neurodiverse women will inevitably face additional barriers to entry. We work with educational establishments and the IT, Tech and Digital industry to inspire entry into these career pathways.


EnterTech revolutionises the tech landscape for young neurodivergent females in North London by engaging participants in workshops and interactive sessions on topics such as coding, online-safety, website design, database development, software-design, myth-busting sessions, careers advice etc. These sessions are designed to be inclusive/responsive to the needs of those who are neurodivergent.

By focusing on immediate access to quality tech education and long-term industry integration, EnterTech aspires to redefine inclusivity in tech. We're not just empowering individuals, we're crafting a future where female neurodivergent perspectives are celebrated for their innovative contributions. 

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