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Our mission is to empower children and the school community to understand energy and the benefits of energy efficiency within the context of fuel poverty alleviation and climate Emergency.


‘Energy Heroes’ is a practically engaging programme teaching children to be ‘energy literate’, a lifelong skill that is the first step in them having energy awareness which is key in tackling the problems of:

  • energy efficiency,
  • fuel poverty alleviation and
  • the challenges of climate change.

By educating our children we can create lasting behaviour change in energy conservation in the same way recycling has become a new social norm in the last 20 years. The programme tackles the following issues.


  1. Training children to be energy champions within their households and wider communities:
  1. Reduce the risk of fuel poverty by providing communities with the knowledge that enables them to develop new and improved skills and behaviours that save energy and the related costs.


  1. Assist teachers to use real data within the context of energy and climate change:
  1. Raise standards in mathematics by providing schools with teaching and learning materials that enable them to teach a series of maths lessons that involve the use of real and purposeful data related to energy and climate change.
  2. Teach children about energy conservation and the benefits of using renewable sources of energy by providing teachers with relevant teaching and learning materials.
  3. Tackle climate change by engaging the whole school community in a comprehensive, fully interactive programme of events and activities.


  1. Assist schools to attain wider opportunities related to energy and climate change:
  1. Provide continued professional development for teachers by modelling a programme of learning that involves the use of data that is immediately relevant to pupils, demonstrate strategies that promote critical thinking and empowers pupils to ‘teach’ in their community. Improves teachers’ subject knowledge of energy and climate change.
  2. Provide opportunities for community energy groups to engage with their local community through the participation in a structured programme that offers an opportunity for evaluation of impact and the capacity to reach a wider audience.
  3. Promote community cohesion by providing a programme that enables communities to work together to reduce fuel costs and share learning about energy and climate change.
  4. Save on energy costs by undertaking a school energy audit and creating an energy efficiency action plan.

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