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  • Faith and ethics
  • Financial inclusion
  • Gardens and parks
  • Health and well being / research and care
  • Housing and homelessness
  • Human rights
  • International development
  • Learning disabilities / difficulties

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Social enterprise
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The community will benefit by having a culturally sensitive provision and trauma-informed on the issues of domestic violence, gender-based violence and Child abuse, as well as Childhood events leading to trauma in young people and adults with Black and Ethnic Minorities, both in the community. The provision will allow tools to express their trauma and help such groups engage with statutory services through mediation and mentoring.

The company will help in preventing /minimizing the national rates of child abuse, domestic violence, and gender-based violence against women and girls in East Anglia, Bedfordshire, Herefordshire and London.

This will tackle the social issues of black and ethnic people not accessing mental health support; this will help minimize the stigma of mental ill health, enhancing their ability to engage successfully with mental health services. 

The community, including (Child Support agency service users) will benefit in understanding the long-term damage of, Child Abuse domestic violence and harmful cultural practices, child exploitation, supporting Parents or Guardians of Black and Asian communities who have young people involved in gang membership and have been rehoused in rural locations in  East Anglia, empowering them through advice, on line awareness initiatives on safeguarding vulnerable young people as well by a pool of material, resources and appropriate referrals.

The company will help survivors of abuse both within the community as well as those involved in the criminal justice system (serving sentences from crime but have been victims of any of the violations or violence mentioned above) as highlighted, equipping them with skills and tools to managing their mental health in workplaces, education spaces, and enhance family relationships. In addition, they are providing referrals to other agencies as appropriate.

The community will benefit young people from Black and Ethnic minorities in that people with low to medium mental ill-health concerns can receive support and recovery from the CIC, acting to refer people with very high complex mental ill-health needs to other appropriate sources of support. Mediation and a supportive strategic work plan will be offered when there has been a lack of support and a breakdown in communication with their faith leaders, relatives, and significant relationships.

This will tackle the social issues of black and ethnic people not accessing mental health support; this will help minimize the stigma of mental ill health, enhancing their ability to engage successfully with mental health services.  


Delivery of Educative Awareness services on:

Childhood Trauma Prevention and


  • Workshops and Webinars, Community coffee mornings, forums  
  • Safeguarding Training for religious institution’s  
  • Consultations surgeries  
  • Delivering well-being/mental health awareness programmes in the community and Youth Offending Institutions


By Educating Faith Leaders, Forging partnerships with existing charities and organisations

Supporting by way of advice, referrals to counselling services andcommunity-based programmes) families of Black and Ethnic minorities and working to help Victims of Domestic violence.

Signposting Service Users to other Organisations where intervention does not fall within the remit of the Company.

Peer to Peer group sessions with Service Users.

Steering groups

Mentoring Services 

Hosting community awareness events that centre on activities that enhance recovery, such as walking in nature and collaborating with Art, Drama, music, and dancing Therapists and psychotherapists.

Outreach Activities to prisons, young offender institutions and probation

Providing pastoral care, linked in with faith-based established organisations

They are creating other activities for young people (up to age 25) that aid well-being and inclusion, such as seminars to discuss domestic violence issues and manage emotions and cultural norms that affect young people.

Mentoring and coaching young people up to the age of 2in matters of life skills, managing anger, budgeting and mental well-being tools.

Offer presentations to other statutory services to become a stakeholder.

Regular Awareness briefings in peer-to-peer groups.

I am creating publications/journals and short, interactive programmes on mental well-being and dealing with loneliness and isolation.

Creating Webinars and training events for young adults from black and ethnic minorities communities with Learning disabilities and physical disabilities

We offer services to existing organisations and supportive programmes for domestic violence victims.

To offer services to probation services in helping young re-intergrade into the community when working on their emotional responses and emotional well-being.

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