Emotion Dysregulation in Autism

Emotion Dysregulation in Autism

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  • Health and well being / research and care
  • Mental health
  • Young people

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Geographical remit: 
National - England


Value Proposition:

We want to improve the mental health of autistic young people.

Position Statement:

Empowering the vulnerable by being caringly curious

Igniting power, brightening futures



See a world where young people no longer self-harm for their emotion dysregulation issues.


Listening to understand distress and listening to respond to stigma, enabling CYP to feel valued and empowered, facilitating communities to be resilient and skilful.

Our Values are:


Curiosity- We are always internally inquisitive about our approach and curious about how we can grow and improve to better support our CYP

Real- We will be 100% real, raw and honest. We are all a work in progress but we owe it to our CYP to manage expectations...No BS allowed!

Empathy- We all acknowledge and respond to the pain that emotion dysreg causes to ASD CYP and their families, we always act with compassion

Meaning- We move away from "helper-helpee" relationships and move towards hope-based collaboration and learning together

Empowerment- The best until last! Each young person using the service will feel they know their worth, can define their future and own their power.


EDA is a newly registered charity, aiming to provide a psychologically-informed peer support service for autistic young people suffering with emotion dysregulation ( difficulty in communicating emotions, leading to self-harm and mental distress)

We also deliver youth-led social action workshops to the community to educate about emotion regulation skills to places of worship, police stations and childrens residential homes.

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