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ELMS of Kent

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  • Training / employment support

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Our Current status is a start-up organisation. We 'nearly' went live in the Autumn of 2014, but at the last minute funding promised failed to be given! We in the process of reorganising:

  • The oversight Committee (we are currently unincorporated) who will be the first Trustees
  • on becoming Registered..
  • A funding 'Blitz' i being currently worked on to be launched in January 2016, by which time we 'should be a registered charity.
  • A Premises Search is being maintained, although until funding is available is 'disheartening'

Currently we are We are partnered with SCVS (Swale Community & Voluntary Service) which is providing a care of address and a temporary banking/bookkeeping service and of course advice

The Plan is to have a mini-centre and project office operating by end of January using local funding (and free of rent premises) and a proper centre by mid-summer 2016..


Plan (although all members both Trustee and Start-Team are experience in these):
Initial Services to be provided by ELMS

  • Employability Club: The traditional Job Club format updated for the online world. Covering all the main unemployed groups. In addition via Qualified Staff/Volunteers from Partners will provide Literacy and Numeracy Skills Courses for Employability Club members.
    Membership of the Employability Club will only be via Job Centre referrals.
  • Basic Computer Skills: Although Job Seekers will if required be given this course, other groups such as pensioners often need this course, so it will be provided as a service.
  • Drop-in Internet Users. There are a small number of people who prefer to donate a £1 an hour to do research and have coffee, plus get assistance if they require it

Additional Services to be provided by ELMS

As soon as funding available for each of these additional services

  • Graduate Transferable Skills Programme:
    A large number of Graduates find that their degrees are effectively unmarketable in obtaining a Job. This programme is designed to work with them to make some of skills they learned during their course transferable into those required by the Job Market.
  • Practical Media Programme:
    This is an ambitious programme and is designed to encompass two diverse groups:
    • Media Studies Graduates who’s course was almost all theory.
    • Amateurs, who wish to make better Videos & Photographs as a hobby
    • Whilst setting this up will be expensive, we consider it well worth the investment
  • Support:
    • ELMS will require a large Local Area Network, our own Cloud and Websites and our Centre will have around 30 Computers (Desktops, Laptops and Tablets). This means we will have skills available to assist Local Community Groups and Charities with their own Networks and Services.
    • At a simpler level; providing an Events Notice Board and a Volunteering Opportunities Notice Board.

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