ELITE Supported Employment

ELITE Supported Employment

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  • Learning disabilities / difficulties
  • Training / employment support

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ELITE Supported Employment is a registered charity empowering disabled people or those at a disadvantage across South, Mid and West Wales. ELITE supports hundreds of people every year with vocational opportunities, training and employment through to independence.  We believe that anyone can work, irrespective of their disability, given the right training and support.

  • Enabling: We aim to empower everyone to achieve their person-centred goals;
  • Inspire: We lead by example to promote equity, diversity, and inclusion.;
  • Kindness: We lead, guide and treat each other with kindness, consideration and respect;
  • Sustainability: We are committed to promoting environmental, social, and economic sustainability for our organisation and the communities we work within;
  • Trust: We create an open and honest environment and provide services that can be relied upon.

We provide support to a wide range of participants across South, East and West Wales through our various projects, including Supported Internships, Supported Shared Apprenticeships and Restart. ELITE also has three Social Enterprises, ELITE Paper Solutions, ELITE Clothing Solutions and ELITE Training Solutions.


ELITE Supported Employment is a third-sector employability organisation that empowers its participants to support our participants to develop work related skills. Using structured training techniques and supported social encouragement, we aim to enable people into a job that they can carry out independently. 

Through the work conducted at ELITE and our Social Enteprises, we provide a range of programmes and vocational experiences for disabled and disadvantaged people, not only to raise skill levels, but also levels of confidence, self esteem and independence, as the first part of their journey to training, volunteering and employment.

Our Social Enterprises

ELITE Paper Solutions, a Social Enterprise was established in 2015 to provide vocational opportunities for disabled and disadvantaged people. We're extremely proud of our fully inclusive workplace. We've engaged with over 300 disabled and disadvantaged people in their and supported them in their journeys to gain paid employment, work experience or volunteer opportunities.

We are a carbon-friendly enterprise, providing a document management service to businesses across Merthyr. We collect, shred, scan and recycle paper, confidential waste and cardboard. Every item that we shred is recycled and re-purposed into new products, including animal bedding!

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