The Eilidh Project

The Eilidh Project

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Social enterprise
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National - England


Care Leavers Forum was set up in January 2023, with the aim of providing a diverse set of interventions supporting parents who have experienced care.

As a group, care-experienced parents are at increased risk of isolation and loneliness; can find it difficult to access mental health support, and often face financial difficulties since they face the costs of raising a child often on a very low income. Many care-experienced parents also have a long-term mistrust of social care professionals which can make it difficult to ensure they are accessing the support they need.

Our mission is to build a community of support for care-experienced parents where they can love, raise and nurture their children without judgement or stigma. We dream of a world where care-experienced parents feel confident, well-equipped and supported in their parenthood journey.


The Eilidh project aims to develop a range of services and interventions designed to improve outcomes and quality of life for this beneficiary group. They fall within the following objectives.

  • Building a training programme for local authorities co-designed with parents who have been in care.
  • Setting up an online networking session for parents with experience of care, to discuss and review topics and national policy affecting parents with experience of care.
  • Developing a digital information sharing portal that enables effective dissemination of high-value information relevant to parents with experience of care.
  • Setting up an annual conference where care-experienced parents and professionals who work with care-experienced parents can meet and discuss policy issues that affect them.
  • Set up a separate mother and fathers wellbeing group providing mental health support.

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