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Our vision is of a built environment that is regenerating our planet

We aim to be a catalyst for the shift from ego to eco by utilising the power of art and the language of nature to activate the mycelium of our industry.

We will achieve this through 3 workstreams:

1. Emotional Connection and Social Impact - We will enable the eco-mind shift through emotional connection using art, stories and the language of nature

2. Community Activators - We will develop and support a network of community builders to amplify and accelerate their part in the regeneration of our planet

3. Activate the Mycelium - We will improve bio-diversity across the built environment by breaking down silos and engaging the hidden voices


Emotional Connection and Social Impact:

E1: We work with renowned artists to utilise art that creates emotional connection enabling the Ego to Eco shift

E2: We develop mechanisms to express and connect dialogue and storytelling through art

E3: We develop the process for measuring and feeding back the emotional connection and social impact of the communities to allow us to take action

Community Activators:

C1: We will grow a network of activators who are leading communities in the built environment that align to Ego to Eco values

C2: We will Co-create a charter for engaging in the digital forest

C3: We will develop a multi-layered knowledge eco-system enabling cross boundary learning leading to collective action

Activate the Mycelium:

M1 - We use power of data within the forest eco-system to improve community impact and accelerate the shift from Ego to Eco

M2 - We identify the hidden experts and connectors to accelerate social learning, active listening and connectivity of the mycelial network

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