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We help local communities and organisations across the West Midlands to take positive steps towards living and operating more sustainably. We are an autonomous project of Central England Area Quakers which was set up in 2009 in South Birmingham. 

We enable community based solutions to the challenges of climate change posed by our reliance on fossil fuels, over-consumption of resources, and demands for growth. We support individuals, families, businesses and community organisations to make practical and behavioral changes towards a sustainable existence.

Our current strategy aims to:


1- Grow our Impact

Focus, refine and disseminate our community activity and increase its appeal and impact in terms of behavior change across Birmingham.  


2 - Increase our Influence

Expanding our presence, activity and profile across a wider geographical area of Birmingham and the West Midlands with a view to maximising our influence on low carbon living.


3 - Improve our resilience

To have a building, governance model, volunteer strategy and fundraising & income generation strategy that are fit for purpose and act as a catalyst and inspiration for change.



Our activities are clearly rooted in inspiring social change. We have 4 main delivery areas in which we work.

Power to Grow and Power to Eat- Community food and garden  projects which include volunteering opportunities in our community gardens, growing and preserving courses, seasonal events and other projects such as Urban Harvest and developing wildlife havens.

Active Travel - We are committed to improving our city’s access to active travel – it helps keep our residents and our environment healthy. We deliver a range of led bike rides or led walks and soon e-scooter training to support you to feel confident on the road and reduce your carbon footprint by making positive choices that also support reducing air pollution. 


Sustainability Advice - This includes providing energy, fuel poverty advice and encourages lifestyle changes for sustainable living. We focus on supporting  and advising  individuals, households and SME to implement actions that encourage us to be kinder to the planet. This is done through a mixture of advice, consultancy, audits, assessments and certifications.

Creative Learning  - This strand of work underpins the other three and is about action research and education for all - in and out of the school setting. It includes Forest Schools, Wild Holiday Bunch, Stories for Nature ,workshops in nurseries and programmes of work in schools. Improving access to and understanding of the natural world and conserving the environment for children across Birmingham.

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Play a fundamental role at ecobirmingham and contribute your skills to a cause you care about. We help communities on their sustainability journey...

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