Eating Better

Eating Better

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National - Britain


Eating Better is an alliance of civil society organisations launched in 2013, in response to growing evidence of the need for sustainable diets with less & better meat for people's health, the health of the planet and feeding the world more fairly. Our long-term ambition is to see dietary patterns shift towards being healthy and sustainable.


Our activities reflect the shared goals established by the alliance to:

- Build and demonstrate coherent cross-sectoral leadership and collaboration on less & better meat consumption and more
plant-based eating as part of healthy, sustainable diets.
- To make change happen at the level of government policy, business practice and behaviour change, by developing 'asks',
generating advocacy support and encouraging practical initiatives.
- Stimulate long-term cultural shifts by devising new ways of framing the 'eat less meat' message that are compelling and

Current opportunities


Join the Eating Better alliance Board of Trustees and help in our mission to accelerate a 50% reduction in meat and dairy consumption by 2030 and...