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Our Mission is to give people access to and experience of the environment through the natural green spaces we manage and together understand what we can do to care for the planet.

We deliver our strategy through these six work programmes:

Food & Farming - Demonstrating to the public where our food comes from, the importance of looking after the soil and how the food gets to our plate.

Future Forests - Demonstrating the cycle of wood from planting trees, managing woodlands to producing timber, demonstrating the importance and value.

Water & Wetlands - Demonstrating the landscape management of water and wetlands, clean rivers and the importance of water to society.

Transformational Learning - Improving skills, confidence and education for young people and adults through our learning programmes.

Gateway to the Future - Establish a gateway to the Earth Trust farm addressing our challenges of access and engagement and improve our visitor experience.

Championing Green Spaces - Champion of accessible green spaces, where the living world thrives and where people can learn about the world and how we need to care for it.


Food & Farming - We have 500 hectares of mixed land use, demonstrating the links between environment, wildlife, landscape and growing food. Earth Trust encourages and supports the production, distribution and eating of good quality, local, healthy food. Land management, skills and the means needed to produce and distribute food locally, minimising transport and waste are all important ingredients.

Future Forests - Earth Trust is home to the most diverse collection of living trees in the UK which is a unique genetic resource for resilience, productivity and plant health.  These assets provide forestry research and social science opportunities using the gene bank and the ecosystems of these collections. 

Water & Wetlands - Earth Trust is fortunate to own 500 acres of farmland adjacent to Little Wittenham Wood with two and a half miles of Thames frontage. Ponds within Little Wittenham Wood provide a breeding habitat for Great Crested Newts and habitat for other amphibians.

Transformational Learning - Improving skills, confidence and education for young people and adults through our learning programmes.

Gateway to the Future - Earth Trust is at a critical point in its development, with exciting plans to improve the centre which will enable us to ensure the continued protection of this ancient and iconic landscape, whilst also improving and enhancing the experience for visitors.

Championing Green Spaces - The places we look after are carefully chose n with potential to give the general public an experience of living in and with the natural world.

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