The Dyslexia Association of London

The Dyslexia Association of London

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  • Learning disabilities / difficulties

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The organisation has been operating in London since the 70s and focuses on creating an inclusive and supportive environment for individuals with dyslexia across the London area. At the present time, the Dyslexia Association of London primarily focuses on adults with dyslexia.

Our impact: 

  • Increased awareness about dyslexia
  • Up-to-date information on all things dyslexia
  • Support vulnerable groups
  • Community development – strengthen relationships through events and support groups
  • Educational Impact – Learning opportunities, new skills and knowledge for the community
  • Mental health support – Dedicated helpline, support groups and providing a safe environment
  • Personal development – Self-esteem, self-expression, communication, collaboration, creativity 


The Dyslexia Association of London provides a wide range of services and activities that help us achieve our objectives: 

  • Sharing educational content
  • Online presence – Website, Social Media, Newsletters
  • Information and resources (dyslexia, assessments, counselling, case studies, employers, employees etc.)
  • Dyslexia Awareness through our Social Media
  • Help and advice with our dedicated support helpline
  • Bi-monthly webinars with experts in their field
  • Health & Wellbeing community events
  • Newsletters
  • Calendar with local and online dyslexia events
  • Monthly Support Group

Current opportunities

The Dyslexia Association of London provides support for adults with dyslexia across the London area. 

This is an opportunity for a creative...