The Dusty Shed

The Dusty Shed

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To promote health and wellbeing by reducing the loneliness and social isolation of older men and women. 


Our organisation is part of a worldwide men's sheds movement,

The Dusty Shed is part of a worldwide movement called ‘Men’s Sheds’, however we do not restrict membership only to men. It’s a place where older men and women can work on practical projects like woodworking or almost anything else (within reason) they’re interested in, or simply turn up for coffee and a chat.

Our main goal is to improve people’s health and well-being by reducing loneliness and isolation. We specifically focus on men and women aged 50 years or older and live in Ely, Caerau, and the surrounding areas of Cardiff.

Current opportunities

South East Wales, CF5 5BZ

The Dusty Shed is a charitable organisation which aims to reduce loneliness and isolation experienced by older men and women. We are seeking an...