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DONNE is a charitable foundation that is here to make a positive change and to readdress the gender inequality within the music industry. Our main goal is to celebrate, advance and amplify women in music so that they are seen, heard and appreciated for their talent so they can leave a legacy of inspiration for future generations. 

We are passionate to help include, promote and support women in music. It is time to make a profound shift within the music industry for equal opportunities to rule irrespective of gender. Part of our goal is to raise profiles of women composers through history and today so that they can be more role models for the generations to come.

We are committed to creating supportive resources amplify and promote anyone who identifies as a woman. We profoundly believe in inclusivity, so welcome people and organisations from all backgrounds to support us in raising awareness and making this shift.


  • We provide a multimedia platform with daily content amplifying women in music;
  • We provide an online database, which is constantly being updated featuring more than 5000 women composers from pre-medieval period to 21st century;
  • We raise funds to generate more commissions by women;
  • We record more albums featuring music by women composers;
  • We provide a daily blog promoting women in music every day of the year;
  • We create educational videos about historical women in music;
  • We organise concert series to amplify music by women; 


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