Digital Inclusion Research Hub

Digital Inclusion Research Hub

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  • Black, asian and minority ethnic groups
  • Campaigning
  • Education
  • Financial inclusion

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Not for profit
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National - Britain


Digital Skills Research Hub exists to advance our understanding of the effects of the digital divide on the UK economy, communities, and individuals. 

Increasingly, we need digital skills to access public services, manage finances, book medical appointments and order prescriptions, and apply for jobs. Digital skills are no longer optional. 

While current society is becoming thoroughly digitalised and the UK is establishing itself as a leader in technology, it remains the case that significant parts of the UK population are digitally excluded. 

A lack of digital skills is associated with a range of negative outcomes:

  • Fewer job opportunities and limited career progression
  • Unequal access to healthcare, with a decreased ability to self-manage health
  • Reduced civic and political participation

Too many groups and individuals are falling behind the digital transformation of society. Our research seeks to identify the causes of digital exclusion and propose recommendations for how the UK can create a digitally inclusive society and economy. Our hope is that this research will inform governmental strategies and key policy actors so that we can close the digital divide. 

We are currently focussing on three main projects: 1) The Labour Market; 2) Health and Healthcare; 3) Civic Participation.


We provide desk-based research into the causes of and solutions to the digital divide, and work with partners to disseminate digital-inclusion-focussed research.

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