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Diapalante is a small volunteer led charity working with local partners in Africa. We work to improve the lives of some of the world's most vulnerable people by providing educational and other support. Our main project is a community education centre in Senegal, West Africa.


  • In Senegal, the Diapalante Community Education Centre helps schoolchildren to overcome the myriad of obstacles on their path to exam success, adult learners to gain the skills they need for current or future employment and out-of-school children keen to realise the benefits of learning. The Education Centre hosts a variety of resources, including a library and a computer lab, for use by the members. There are also a number of community projects based at the centre, including a “Young Leaders” project where teenage members teach French as outreach to local primary schools, an education project for Street Children (talibés) and a Menstrual Health project producing reusable period pads for girls and women in the community.
  • In Mauritania, our project enables women who are heads of families to start small goat herding businesses. Diapalante’s representative in Mauritania, Diallo, a veterinary officer, is a seasoned participant in similar schemes and he is bringing his learning and expertise into our project.
  • Hillcrest Advisory Bureau and Bursary Fund in South Africa have been able to continue their work thanks, in part, to our assistance with their ability to accept international funding.

We work closely with our partners to ensure the success of agreed projects by providing both finance and ongoing support.

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