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Destiny Grace Academy, opened through Home Leone, is a school serving children aged 3-15 with plans to expand up to 18 in Sierra Leone. It primarily serves children who have moved from slum communities in central Freetown to a newly constructed village in Waterloo - approximately 40km from the capital. Their previous homes were in danger of being destroyed by flash flooding, the schools they attended averaged 80 children per class with corporal punishment being the main form of discipline and their living conditions were appalling.

Destiny Grace Academy opened in 2019 with a staff body trained in a behaviour management system that centred around Positive Discipline as well as news methods of classroom engagement and literacy training focussed on phonics. 

Students benefit from a system that encourages them to enjoy learning, that supports them to participate in their learning journey and empowers them to acquire skills essential for success in the 21st century.


Destiny Grace Academy strives to remain up to date with global teaching and learning methodologies to ensure that the students in our care are accessing the most relevant education to ensure their success in adult life.

Our staff attend monthly training provided by various individuals and organisations in Sierra Leone and internationally to allow them opportunities to explore and improve their own classroom practice.

Our Senior Leadership Team participate in a yearly course that explores school practices across the globe enabling them to evaluate the successes and areas of improvement in Destiny Grace Academy and make necessary adjustments.

Our students enjoy access to:

* up to date literacy education;

* ICT equipment to develop their computer literacy; 

* sports equipment and facilities that allow them to develop essential skills outside the classroom environment.


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