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Derby Theatre’s Mission is: 

To shape, influence and transform the landscape of theatre and learning, having measurable impact on the lives of those who engage with us. This will be achieved by producing high quality professional theatre that unlocks learning at every level for audiences, artists, participants, students and staff.

We have 5 key areas of delivery:

1. Achieving Excellence - To become an industry leader and model of excellence for artistic product on both the mid-scale and small-scale circuits with learning as our driver, attracting a diverse stakeholder (audiences, participants, funders) base.

2. Achieving Resilience - To become a financially stable and resilient organization which is confident to take artistic risks due to careful and prudent measures in other areas.

3. Achieving Potential - To enable participants of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to discover and develop new skills, connections and confidence and to fulfil their ambitions. Seeing our programme as an escalator of talent from preschool through to professional training and beyond.

4. Exploring Learning - To unlock teaching and learning potential across all theatre departments and in partnership with other organisations and to maximize our relationship with the university to ensure Derby Theatre is a resource for the highest quality research and teaching.

5. Exploring Community - To develop a relationship with our community through an excellent performance and participation programme and to allow them access to all parts of our theatre making and learning process.


Professional producing theatre at the small and midscale

Receiving house for touring work at the small and midscale

Learning opportunities for children and adults

Degree courses to undergraduate and postgraduate level

Artist Development

Commercial activity (hires, catering and bar operations)

Registered charity

No current opportunities

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